Practical informations

Welcome to Toulouse ! The organizing committee has the pleasure to give you some practical informations

Wednesday 25

6:30 p.m. Reception of the Mayor of Toulouse at the Capitole . Invitation cards will be delivered to registered attendee at the entrance of the City Hall ( Place du Capitole) at 6 pm.

Thursday 26

7 :45 am opening of the registration desk for the EAHL conference (bags and badges ) at the Hotel Dieu. The access to coffee breaks and lunches is limited to conference badges holders.

Speakers are invited to bring their presentation on USB key and to contact the chairperson 10 mn before the beginning of the session. Given the great number of speakers, presentation will be no more than 10min presentation and 5 mn dicussion).

During the coffee breaks, the EAHL desk will be open in the room Chapelle to collect candidatures of new members.

Gala dinner : The meeting point for departure to Chateau de Merville for the dinner is at the Hotel Dieu at 7 pm. The return to Toulouse will start at 11pm.

Friday 27

Certificates of attendance of the EAHL conference will be deliveredon Friday..

Please note, that participants to the Council of Europe (on Thursday 26) and the Benzi Foundation workshops (on Friday 27) have to sign on the spot, they will receive by post/email the official attendance certificate from the official institutions.

Prizes for the Phd presentations (Oral and posters) and for posters of the Conference,  will be delivered at the closing session of the conference.All the candidates should attend the closing session. No representative of the winner could be allowed to receive the prize.

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